Audio Stories

Roots In The Land

The story of the Brooke family is about around 300 years of farming in Kempley.

The Big House and the Poor House

What life was life for the Villagers and their masters in Victorian times

Kempley National School

The History of Kempley School from 1870 onwards

Harry George Story

A history of a cider maker in Kempley

House of Many Parts

Some interesting facts about the Hollies in Kempley

Dymock Forest

1000 years of Dymock Forest

Threads Through Time

Meet the Phelps and their family at Moor House.

Welcome: Flying in the Tardis slide show

Why we stored the social history of our English rural village in the Tardis – so much bigger on the inside than appears from the outside. Travel back in Time and Space.